Work in e-Commerce? Here’s Why You Should Get a Blog

Do you have an e-commerce website? Yes? And do you want to bring a good amount of traffic to said e-commerce website? Yes? Okay. We are going to put this as simply as we possibly can. You need to set up a blog for it. It really is as simple as that.

If you want to sell your wares, then you want your website to appear near the top of the search engine results pages, more commonly known as the SERPs. And one of the best ways to do this – not to mention the cheapest and the easiest – is to set up a blog for your site. An integrated blog can and will, so long as you’re using the correct optimization techniques, help your site to soar to those lofty heights.

Here’s how a blog can really help boost your page rank.


Start Reviewing Products

You are selling products, right? Well, you can’t expect to sell anything unless you have a decent bank of reviews. After all, one of the first things any savvy shopper does before buying something online is to check around to see what the product’s reviews are like.

There are a few ways of using your blog to showcase your products. First of all, why not find reviews of your products that are hosted elsewhere, and collate them all in one place – create a Testimonials page where visitors can read a wide array of reviews.

There is something else you can do, in addition to using actual reviews. Try creating useful and interesting content. One way is to write the occasional list article, giving readers a number of products to choose from, one of which just happens to be yours. Say, for example, that you sell a keyword optimisation tool. You could write something like “8 Tools to Help Boost Your Site’s SEO”. If yours is particularly good, you might even find yourself gaining popularity through social shares.


Become an Industry Expert

Similarly to the above point, savvy online shoppers usually aren’t going to buy from a company they’ve never heard of before. And even if they are willing, they’ll use something like Trustpilot to check whether or not you’re trustworthy.

So why not build a name for yourself? Turn your blog into a wealth of information pertinent to your niche. Write informative and knowledgeable blog posts – preferably in long-form, with the occasional image or graphic to break things up, or even the occasional video post – and people will soon start flocking to your site.

These extra visitors are great, but it is the reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable brand that is the real prize. The more people trust you, the more willing they’ll be to buy your products.


Build a Community

Once your blog is set up, make sure to leave the comments sections open. This will allow your readers to post feedback to your articles, giving them a boosted sense of importance to your brand.

Don’t just let them shout into the void, however; make sure you reply to comments. This will build up a good discourse between you and your readers, establishing a community and gaining long-term customers.