WordPress Plug-Ins to Install Right Now

WordPress Plug-Ins to Install Right Now


With a great selection of features and opportunities to customize your blog, there’s a reason WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms out there. But it still has its limitations, so if you really want to get the most out of your blog you need to know about the best plug-ins for you. Currently there are close to 40,000 free and premium options to choose from in the WordPress Plugin Directory and there’s something out there to benefit every blog. Here’s a round-up of some of the most popular so you can step up your blogging game.

Google Analytics+

If you like to moderate your stats chances are you’re already using Google Analytics, but this plug-in allows you to track and search your blog statistics without actually leaving WordPress. You won’t have to log into your Google account as the data will be automatically be pulled through to your WordPress dashboard.

W3 Total Cache

Nothing turns visitors away from your page like slow loading times, so speed up the experience and keep readers engaged with your content for longer with W3 Total Cache. By reducing download times this plug-in increases server performance, which is crucial for large websites during periods of high traffic. Fast page loading times and general good site performance also reflects very favorably in your Google page rank.

Snapshot Pro

To back up and restore your entire WordPress site you’ll usually need to enlist the help of external services, but Snapshot Pro can do all of that tricky stuff for you. You can create and store as many ‘snapshots’ and backups as you like with a simple click and then at any given time you can restore your site back to the point it was taken. Pretty handy!


Spam comments are the bane of every blogger’s life so installing Akismet is a great way to flag-up comments that might be spam without having to go through and do it manually. All comments will be automatically checked by the Akismet Web service and either flagged or cleared to keep your comments section full of engaged conversation, not junk.


If you use your site to help run your small business then Appointments+ is a godsend. If you need to atke and manage appointments, this plug-in allows you and your customer to do so without having to switch between the blog and your online booking system. Ideal for salons, studios and clinics!

You can even integrate the plug-in with Paypal so you can collect payments and deposits from customers easily.

Login Lockdown

If you’re conscious about site security then Login Lockdown is for you. The plug-in limits the number of login attempts that are possible from a given IP address for set amounts of time. Each time a login fails the plug-in will record the IP address as well as the timestamp. If the failed login attempts pass a certain threshold within a small amount of time, the login function will be disabled from that IP address.