How to Use Your Blog to Promote Products

How to Use Your Blog to Promote Products

Blogging can be a good way for a writer to make a bit of money, especially if you are willing to use it to help to sell some product. Whether the products are your own or you are engaging in a spot of affiliate marketing, if you do it right you can earn a tidy little profit.

However, the important (and tricky) part is doing it right. The primary aim of your blog is surely to entertain and inform, so you don’t want to dilute that with endless shilling. So how do you manage to start promoting products on your blog, without your readers thinking you’ve lost credibility or integrity? Here’s how.

Offer Coupons

One of the simplest ways of promoting your own products – assuming you already have a web shop or you’ve partnered with an ecommerce outlet that will allow you to do this – is by offering discounts on them to your loyal or new customers.

We think you would be hard pressed to find a reader who doesn’t enjoy a sale or the feeling of getting a good deal on a product, so you should use this to your advantage. Make sure to put a timeframe on this sale, too: that added pressure works as an extra incentive.

Explain the Positives

Obviously, you can’t expect people to buy a product from you if they don’t know what benefits it should bring into their life – no one buys stuff they assume will be useless.

Ensure you explain the values and virtues of any product on your site. If you are going the affiliate marketing route, a good way of doing this is by writing product reviews on your site and including an affiliate link to the product somewhere within.

Use Testimonials

This is linked to the above tip, but is more geared towards those bloggers who are trying to sell their own products. What’s a fantastic way of getting across the plus points of your products? Customer testimonials!

Simply ask for honest reviews from people who have bought from you, then (with their permission) post them on your website for all to see. Simple.

Give Tutorials

If any of your products need a little clarification of how to use them, you should offer this forthrightly on your website. People are much less likely to buy something if they’re even a little unsure of how to use it, so you should make sure everything is nicely explained for them.

You can go one step further with multimedia and even offer how-to videos. Use these to both explain how best to use the products and clarify exactly how beneficial they can be to your average consumer.

Be Social

If you really want your products to be seen by as many eyeballs as possible (and you do), then you can’t go wrong with social media. Get your blog onto Twitter and Facebook, and start pushing your new links through them.

This will increase visibility and help boost your chances of being shared further to new customers. You’ve got nothing to lose!