SEO Tips That All Sites Should Be Implementing

SEO Tips That All Sites Should Be Implementing


Are you in the market for some quick and easy SEO tips or in need to step up your search engine optimization game? You’ve come to the right place!

SEO is by no means a quick and easy process. And there are no 100% winning strategies – nothing is guaranteed in this game. But we’ve got some good tips that every site should be following.

Here are our quick and easy tips. Put them to good use and rise to the top of the rankings.

Content Comes First

No matter what hints, tips and tricks you follow, your site will not be a successful one without heaps of decent content. Sure, maybe you’ll be the crème de la crème for a little while, but as soon as people start reading your written-for-robots rubbish they’ll start tuning out in droves.

Content is the make or break in SEO. Write good stuff, write relevant stuff, write interesting stuff. Stay on topic and target your audience , and you’re on for a sure win.

Get Linked In

No, not the social media website (though social is important) – we’re talking about your links here. Google and the like use robots to look at your backlink profile to see if it’s any good. This means you’ll want to make sure there are links to your page from a variety of other sites.

Don’t get some content farm to do this for you. You need good links. Quality beats quantity, every time. Get good sites in your niche to link back to you. Sorted.

Keep It Fresh

Quality trumps quantity when it comes to content as well as links. You know that you’ve got to be creating good content. Or have you forgotten tip number one already? The good stuff is important.

However, it is almost as important to ensure you’re keeping things fresh. Evergreen content is special, but it is rare. This means that, to keep things ticking over, you have to regularly post new articles. One good post a month is better than an awful one a week, which itself is better than no content at all.

Keep SEO in Mind

Write for humans, not for robots. But keep those robots in mind as you do so. Remember, they are an important part of how you end up at the top of the SERPs, so it’s a good idea to aim towards them at least a little bit.

Think about your page titles, your meta descriptions, and your keyword density… even your page URLs. All of it counts, at least a little bit. Try and keep things clear and concise. Include keywords where appropriate.

Check Your Links                                                                          

Make sure your links are consistent. Too often, a site will have two links to the same homepage – and, for example. If you notice your site is doing this, fix it ASAP.

We would recommend sticking with the option. It’s cleaner, more concise, and it looks good. By sticking with one, you are preventing any confusion, to both humans and robots.