Marketing with Social Media – Some Dos and Don’ts

Marketing with Social Media – Some Dos and Don’ts


If you’re extensively using social media to help your brand recognition, you may already know the sort of things to avoid. Unless you’re part of a particularly “edgy” brand, you steer well clear of any potentially controversial posts, and you keep proposing interesting topics.

However, there’s a little more to it than that. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Vine for your social media marketing, you shouldn’t expect fantastic results if you’re not putting all yourself into each posts.

Great content has to be engaging, and it can only be engaging if it’s creative. So get on your thinking caps and read on for some essential dos and don’ts.

DO – Stick to Quality Instead of Quantity

Okay, so this one is fairly simple. Good posts lead to more followers; it is (mostly) as easy as that. Post regularly, but not too often – no one likes to be spammed with content – and you will be fine.

If your posts take a long time to put together, that’s fine: people would much rather see high-quality posts once a month than mediocre ones each week. A content drought with an occasional shower of good stuff is far better than a deluge of rubbish.

DON’T – Clickbait or Likebait

You know what it is, even if you’re not familiar with the term – clickbait refers to post titles that are designed to get you to click on them, even if the content in the post itself is pure trash. For example: 10 Things about Copywriting That Will Blow Your Mind! OMG I Can’t Believe Number 4! Although you might get a lot of clicks (doubtful, to be fair), no one will be happy with the content, and you risk losing the followers you have already.

Likebait is similar – anything that almost begs for likes. If This Gets 1000 Likes We Will Donate £10 to Charity! No one likes this.

DO – Add Images to Your Posts

If you’re using Twitter or Facebook, you can add an image to be shown alongside the post preview. Visuals catch the eye and lead to more clicks. In fact, recent Twitter research has shown that an image can increase retweets by up to 150%! Easy.

DON’T – Ignore Your Fans

If people are coming to your page(s) and asking questions, writing complaints or seeking advice, don’t ignore them. The great thing about social media is that it connects you with your followers; take advantage of this. It’ll make your brand seem like it cares about the “little people”, and connect on a more human level. This is especially important if you are offering customer support as part of your services.

DO – Time Your Posts

Make sure you know when the majority of your followers are likely to be seeing your content. Use a scheduler to ensure your posts are going out at the right time. Lunchtimes and early evenings are the best for both Facebook and Twitter, according to the metrics, while late mornings are better for LinkedIn.

DON’T – Buy Followers

Although it may seem tempting to boost that important follower count, it can easily backfire on you. If you’re not getting much interaction but you supposedly have a million followers, it quickly becomes obvious that you’re trying to game the system. Just don’t do it.