How to Act Like a Veteran Blogger When You’re Still a Newbie

How to Act Like a Veteran Blogger When You’re Still a Newbie


Blogging… it is like a jungle out there in the blogosphere, and – much like Darwin said – it is survival of the fittest. If you want to break away from the herd, you have to be special, or you at least have to make sure you seem special.

It’s hardest of all for newbie bloggers; newly created blogs are a dime a dozen, so you’ll have a seriously high level of competition. If you want to survive out there in the wilds, there are a few different things you can do to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

You can make yourself seem like a seasoned pro in the blogging game by following our tips below.

Give Your Blog a Professional Domain Name

If you haven’t already started publishing your stuff online yet, then we would suggest employing the services of a web-hosting provider, like Dreamhost or Bluehost. Then you can set about building your site using a WordPress plug-in, something that is quick and simple.

The advantage of going through a web-hosting provider is the domain name – you won’t have to put up with something like Instead, you can have the much fancier looking

This is not only much nicer to look at and more professional in nature, but it is also rather easier to remember. A good domain name will go a long way.

Give Your Blog a Nice New Favicon

First of all, what is a favicon? Simply put, it’s the tiny little 16×16 icon that shows up to the left of the web address in the search bar of your browser, and at the left hand side of each open tab. A new blog will have either a little piece of paper, or your web hosting provider’s logo. Whatever it is, it screams “new blog”. It doesn’t look professional, is all we’re saying.

If you’re using WordPress, get an image of the right dimensions, rename it favicon.ico, then place it into your public_html folder. Hey presto! You have a fancy new favicon, one that will make your site look much more professional with a minimum of effort.

Go Easy on the Widgets

When you are using WordPress for your blog layout, there are plenty of advantages, as well as tools that can make your life a little easier. There are also loads of different widgets and plugins to choose from, all of which you can add to your site for a variety of different purposes.

It can be tempting to add as many as you can possibly fit onto your pages, as after all, they each serve a function – your visitors will want to make use of them, right? We’re just saying that you should go easy on them; not all of them are useful, and using too many will make you stick out like a sore thumb as a newbie.

Less is more, as the saying goes. And think about it: is a calendar really going to be all that helpful?