Create a Media Kit for Your Blog: How & Why

Create a Media Kit for Your Blog: How & Why


If you’re a blogger, chances are that you want to work with brands and if you want to attract advertisers and sponsorships you’re going to need a media kit. In simple terms, this is a document that shows PRs what your blog is all about, the topics you write about, your blog statistics, your prices and other key information such as how many followers you have on other social media such as Instagram and Twitter. Being able to send a media kit out to marketers not only makes you look professional, but illustrates clearly and efficiently with facts and figures just why their brand should work with you.

So, now you know what it is and why it’s important, let’s look at what you should be including.


A Bio

 It’s important for brands and advertisers to know exactly who it is they’re working with so include a short bio with information about you and your blog. Some ideas on what to include are the age of your blog, the sort of topics you write about and any previous series or posts relating to whatever it is they’re promoting (for example, a ‘Weekly Make-Up Round-Up’ if you want to work with a beauty marketers. You do want to emphasize why you’d be a good fit for the brand, but try not to push it too much and make sure you’re sounding personable and relatable, rather than like you’re trying to sell something.



 Big blocks of texts can be very unappealing and make the reader lose interest fast, so break up your words with some of the photos from your blog that you’re most proud of, and any images you’ve used for previous brand collaborations if possible. Don’t forget to include your blog’s logo as well as a professional headshot.



 While your blog views and follower count aren’t the be all and end all, they are very useful to advertisers when deciding if it’s beneficial for them to work with you. Some important ones to include are your RSS follower count, social media following, monthly page views, monthly unique visitors and reader demographics.


Collaboration option and prices

 Whether you’re interested in writing sponsored posts, reviewing a product, promoting on social media, hosting a giveaway or advertising the brand in your sidebar or all of the above, let the potential collaborator know which options you’re interested in and include your prices next to them.



If you’ve worked with brand before, shout about it! Whether it’s just listing the logos of the brands you’ve worked with, showing how many click-throughs were received from your promotion or even a written testimonial from a previous collaborator, it adds credibility to your blog and shows the brand that you are experienced, trustworthy as well as what they can expect from you.


Contact details

 So you’ve won the brand over and they’ve decided they want to work with you, great! Just remember to include your contact details so they can get in touch!