How You Can Make Money with Your Blog

How You Can Make Money with Your Blog

As a blogger, only you know exactly how much of your free effort and energy you put into your blog, whether it is a hobby or something a little more. However, we are willing to bet that you would put a conservative estimate at “a lot”. We’re right, no?

Of course we are! And the more time you put into something, the more you would expect out of it, right? So you would be correct to wonder when you can expect the money to start flowing your way.

We’re here to help you stop wondering and start making it a reality. We have written this post so that you can go out there and monetize. Start getting rewarded for your efforts!

Private Advertising

There are two main avenues of advertising; we’ll talk about private ads first of all. Private ads are exactly what they sound like – you don’t have to work with a network. You will need a decent amount of traffic already in order to try this route, but it can be advantageous as you can cut out the middle man, choosing the adverts that you feel are the best fit for your site.

The lack of an advertising network allows you to set your own rates for adverts, which means you can make a bit more of a profit. You also have more of a choice in the types of adverts you show: you can choose to insert sponsored links into your posts, you can sell space in your email newsletter, you can display buttons or banner ads. It’s all up to you.

PPC Advertising

This is the other – and probably more popular – option for advertising. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, also known as CPC or Cost Per Click, and these tend to be small banner ads that you will insert either into the main body of your page or into the sidebar. They get their name from the fact that you will receive a small payment for every time a user clicks those links.

You can also opt for CPM or Cost Per 1000 ads, which are very similar. The main difference is that no one has to click on those links – you will get paid for every thousand impressions they make. There are lots of options for PPC and CPM, but the most popular by miles (and the easiest to use) would have to be Google’s AdSense program.

Affiliate Links

Another fantastic and easy option, affiliate links are when you get paid a commission from each sale of an item, should the buyer arrive at the item through a link on your blog. The easiest option is probably Amazon’s Associates program, and it’s the biggest, safest one as well.

You will get a unique tracking link for each item you might be talking about, then you will use that link to direct people to that item. For each sale, you get paid. It couldn’t be much easier than that!