How To Make Blog Posts More Interesting: A Guide to Using Video

How To Make Blog Posts More Interesting: A Guide to Using Video

If you want to keep on ensuring that people continue coming back to your site on a regular basis, and making sure that new visitors keep stumbling upon your blog, then you must try your very hardest to make your posts interesting, engaging and fresh.

Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to do that, especially when there is only so much within your niche that you can write about. Things are only made more difficult when you are stuck to the same form of post – you can only be so creative when you limit yourself to text posts of a particular length, such as 500 words.

So don’t do that at all! One great way of occasionally changing things up to add a little spice and freshness to your blog is to experiment with video blog posts, or vlogs.

Here is how you can do that!


You Can Show What You Can Do

If you are in the business of selling products rather than advice or information, then you can use the occasional video post to show exactly how to use your product, or to show what your products can do for your customers.

Obviously, you could simply write another article about it, but where is the fun in that? All you need to do is to write a small introductory post to the video, explaining what people are about to see, then let the video speak for itself.

Not only is it a little more interesting and appealing than another text post, but it is also infinitely more shareable than a wall of words. This means that you can expect to bring in a significantly greater amount of traffic if you create a lively, entertaining vid!


Teach Your Readers Something

You should always be aiming to teach something new to your readers with each of your blog posts, so why should a video post be any different? Whatever your niche may be, there will always be something there that people can learn.

Even if it is only partially related to your niche, it can still be worthwhile as something to produce for your blog. For example, if you run a company that sells kitchen knives, why not produce a video about cooking skills or unusual recipes? Or if you provide handyman services, why not give your readers a video guide to the basics of DIY? Added value will keep people coming back for more.


Provide Some Entertainment

Sometimes, you don’t need to produce anything specific at all. Sometimes it can be advantageous to simply produce an entertaining video that you know your visitors will enjoy. Obviously, the more relevant it is, the better, but you don’t have to be too strict all the time.

This is especially useful in the springtime – fun April Fools’ videos can go viral very quickly!