Blog Tips From Seasoned Bloggers: How To Do It Right

Blog Tips From Seasoned Bloggers: How To Do It Right

Start a Blog

You really have no reason not to start your blog, if you haven’t already. It’s simple to set one up (click here for our full guide), and you can even find yourself an inexpensive – but professional-looking – theme on Etsy. Alternatively, if you have your own website, enabling a blog page is a great way to attract traffic to your site, ultimately leading to conversions.


Frequency Is Key

Not only will posting with frequency help keep your blog healthy and your readers interested, but it will also help improve you as a writer. The more you write, the easier it’ll become to get words down on the page. Decide on a posting frequency that works well for you. It often helps to assign part of one day to create your articles for the week.


Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Although it’s tempting, don’t compare yourself to other bloggers in your niche. It’s easy to see the strengths in others. Just work on making your blog the best that it can be. Of course, do read other blogs to network and get inspiration, but don’t let other people’s work get to you. You have your own unique strengths that they don’t. Perceived inferiority is a massive demotivating factor for bloggers, so don’t give in to it.


Take Extra Time To Name Your Blog

Once you have your blog’s title, thou shall stick for good. Do take the extra time to come up with a blog name that really feels right.


Shamelessly Promote Yourself

Don’t worry too much about annoying people by overly promoting yourself. Keep posting about your content and future plans. Of course, share other people’s work too, but your social media account is an opportunity to convince people to head over to your site.


Create Irresistible Headlines

Your headline dictates whether someone will click on your post or not. Make it as snazzy, humorous, and interesting as you can. It’s important to invite people in with your titles.


Have Fun

If you’re having fun with your blog, it will really show in your writing. Your posts will be far more interesting and your enjoyment of the subject will come through the text; enthusiasm is infectious. If you’re not having fun creating posts, you should ask yourself why you are bothering to keep a blog in the first place and take another approach.


Keep On Top Of Your Comments

Respond to your comments and engage with people, in order to encourage them to comment in the future. However, if you come across any trolls, leave them alone. Just block them. Keep your blog a positive place to be, and don’t waste your time on fruitless arguments. Adjust your settings so that you have to approve all comments that end up on your pages, as there will be a lot of spam heading your way.


Punctuation And Spelling

Punctuation and spelling is really important, as it tarnishes the quality of your content, if it’s full of typos, and actually makes your content less readable. Those who are especially good at English will get put off, in particular, so make sure you have someone proofread your work.


If you have further hints to add up to the above, please leave a reply below. Happy blogging!