How to Blog Better (Without Actually Blogging!)

How to Blog Better (Without Actually Blogging!)

When it comes to blogging well, creating engaging content is actually just one small step in the right direction. It’s vital to keep readers coming back for more, but to actually get readers there in the first place there are plenty of other things you need to consider. So step away from the writing for a second and follow our tips for writing a better blog without actually blogging. Then watch the traffic grow and the engagement increase. These tips also come in very handy if you’re looking to be productive with your blog but are struggling for ideas for new content!

Create a blog schedule

Ask any successful blogger what their top blogging tips are and they’ll probably tell you the same thing – post often and be consistent. It goes without saying that those who post more frequently are likely to generate more traffic than those who are sporadic. Whether you’ll be blogging daily or once a week, set a reasonable amount for your schedule and stick to set posting days and you’ll notice a big difference. In a diary, online calendar or just a Word document, create a blogging schedule for the next month or so and outline which posts will go live on certain dates.

Clean up your brand

A successful blog is more than just a few words and pictures – it’s a brand! And, as with your posting schedule, it’s important to be consistent here too. Go through your blog descriptions and social media profiles, do they all correlate with each other and give an idea of what your ‘brand’ is? Are all your social media images the same or at least consistent in style so that you’re easily recognisable?

Schedule Tweets

Twitter is one of the best places for promoting yourself and by regularly tweeting out links to your content you’re vastly increasing your opportunity for engagement and traffic. It’s important to be present online at all times though, so by scheduling tweets using external apps such as Hootsuite or Buffer you can reach audiences in all time zones even if you’re asleep or away from the internet. Try and schedule a link to your blog a few times a day – it’s time consuming but it’s so easy and the results really are worth it. Don’t fall into the trap of just posting links to your latest content though – be sure to get your older content out there too and show that some love.

Fix broken links

If you’ve had your blog for a while, chances are there are a few dead links lurking in your archive. As well as looking unprofessional to anyone reading, they can be really damaging to your SEO too. It may take a while to go through them all, but a free website such as will highlight where broken links are so you can go back and fix them.

Read other blogs

We’re not suggesting you go out and rip off your favourites, but reading the content of other bloggers in your niche is a great way to get new ideas and find out what’s popular in the blogging world at the moment.