Affiliate Marketing for Dummies – Start Making Money in 3 Easy Steps

Affiliate Marketing for Dummies – Start Making Money in 3 Easy Steps

If you want the cold hard truth about Affiliate Marketing explained in a simple and to-the-point manner, you just landed on the right page.

Out of all the monetization opportunities available on the internet, Affiliate Marketing is arguably the best option because it can automate at some stage your revenue stream; that means your website can become self-sufficient and generate revenue with minimal effort on your end. Moreover, it could also become an asset that could be sold on sites such as

How I have achieved a $3.000/month passive income through Affiliate Marketing?

Long story short, you have to perform two tasks:

  • Find the right affiliate program to promote
  • Create content around that product to ensure readers will benefit from buying it

You can work the other way around, and first set up your blog on a theme that you like or are passionate and knowledgeable about; then find the best-fit affiliate program for that niche afterwards.  However, I would recommend the first option, as you would have more opportunities, rather than being limited by the original theme of your existing blog.

Given I wasn’t sure which project was going to turn out well, I just registered to several affiliate programs, and start posting articles on few different blogs. Here’s an example of my affiliate revenues using Viator Travel Partner Program:

Viator affilaite marketing

Once you created an account and sifted through partnership options, you are then essentially provided with a landing page with a referral code such as this one: Through such link, users can book tours, make hotel reservations, transfers and more.

Once the right affiliate program, was identified, I built websites with Tours & Sightseeing themes, where I would review Viator’s products. In a matter of a few days, those referral links started collecting several user-clicks, and the earning statements previously shown are converting at this very right moment on websites like and

At the moment, I have 5 Viator accounts, which in addition to other affiliate products from Clickbank, add up to a total of $2.910 per month.

Not sure on how to start a blog or build a website? Keep reading to find out.

Money flow does not come without an initial effort; you’ll need to do some groundwork. Following are the three basic and easy steps of our Affiliate Marketing for dummies instructions. This process is not guaranteed, but it did work out for me, so it is definitely worth a try:


Step 1: Educate Yourself on Affiliate Marketing

learn affiliate marketing

This is the foundation of what will be your latter success. It’s critical not only to find the right products to promote, but also to learn how to promote them. I joined Affilorama Academy, which was a turning point along my affiliate path, as I had no knowledge whatsoever of online sales and Internet marketing, and only used my computer to check my Facebook page and Gmail account 🙂

You can join Affilorama for free here. It’s a great investment of your time – you’ll find great resources and can start making money right away. Affilorama proved to me the concept, plus gave me the motivation and resources I needed to then grow the business myself. I’m still using my original account and generating referral (affiliate) money through it.


Step 2: The Right Site for the Right Product

como crear una pagina web o blog

Once you have chosen your product, the next step is to create a website to showcase it. There are many types of websites when it comes to navigability and appeal. For instance, ecommerce sites have shopping carts and product listings, thus making easier for users to buy products. On the other hand, blogs have the purpose of presenting fresh content every day, which is usually personalised by the blogger behind them.

Going back to my example of Viator Travel Partner Program, I created this blog:, which didn’t manage to convert well at all. I attribute such fiasco to the fact that the blog was way too generic, and not focusing on tours. Moreover, it was not easy to navigate through the structured menus and search by countries, region, and cities. Bottom line: the template or website style you choose does matter. For such affiliate product a blog styled site didn’t work well, while a more ecommerce oriented one such as did. Blogs might work better for other affiliate products though, such a personal finance blog for recommending financial products, or marketing blogs for recommending marketing software, just to name a few.

Remember: you don’t need any money to start a blog, just basic Internet knowledge. Here’s a link to the famous 5-minute WordPress installation guide. You can then customize your blogs by adding a template. If you feel you need more help on setting up your blogs/website, let us know on the comments below or contact us at hello (at) We’ll write another post with tutorials for such purpose.


Step 3: Content is King

content is king

The content you create around your affiliate product will be your key success factor. If your content is fresh and relevant, you’ll have more visitors and conversions. You don’t need to be an expert on the field, for instance you can review the products or services offered by your affiliate program, and your mere opinion expressed in your own words is already valuable for the readers rather than the traditional affiliate descriptions, which may sound too promotional. It also helps a lot if you try the product or service that you are recommending, even if it deserves some critics – that would actually strengthen your trust as opinion leader in what you’re writing about.

Here are a few tips on how to write persuasive content for your blog: crafting the perfect post, 4 quick blog writing tips. You can also find plenty more examples by running a Google search on the topic you’ll be writing about.


Take away: Choose your product, create the right site to promote it, produce adequate content that is captivating and converts. I didn’t expand on further marketing strategies to drive traffic to your blog beyond creating content, as the above mentioned Afflilorama Affiliate Marketing Training Support provides insightful information on the subject along with handy tools to improve your time management.

We hope you got all the information needed to start your own affiliate program. Let us know if you want to learn more about this or other topics by commenting below.