8 Great Twitter Apps

8 Great Twitter Apps

If you’re anything like us you can’t live without Twitter. Perfect for connecting with like minded thinkers, promoting your blog or just being among the first to hear the latest breaking news, the possibilities are endless. And with these great apps, your Twitter experience could be vastly improved.


A great alternative if you don’t get along with Hootsuite, this browser based app is a must for Twitter power users. Here you can schedule tweets, organize your Tweets and keep up to date with what all your favorite postings with the handy columns.


BioisChanged searches for changes in your friend’s profile and updates you when they change their profile picture. Not just a tool to be nosey, it’s a great resource for following your favourite bands and artists and getting information on tours and album release dates as they’re announced. The app can update you instantly, daily or weekly.


If you use Tweets to promote your brand or blog, you need to install Hootsuite immediately. From the Hootsuite interface you can control, tweet and favourite from multiple accounts. There is also the option to schedule tweets for ultimate exposure. The app even allows the option to auto schedule tweets if you’re short on time. The app is free but there’s an option to pay a monthly subscription fee for access to more features.


We all know that scheduling tweets is the best way to optimise your content and make sure it’s seen by the largest audience, but how do you work out when is the best time to tweet? Step in Manageflitter. Providing analytics which are based on your Twitter activity, this nifty app helps you pick the perfect time to get your voice out there and shows you how far your Tweets are reaching. There are three subscription tiers – a free, pro and business version.


There’s nothing worse than reading a great tweet and not being able to find it when it comes to wanting to share it or sue for future reference. Essentially just like a search engine for your Tweets, SnapBird allows you to search for keywords in your tweets or somebody else’s so you can find remember just what was said.


Get the most out of the content you see using InTweets. It’s a super easy way to create and follow the channels of tweets that are most relevant to your interests.


Okay so it might not be the most useful app of all time, but it’s a great way to procrastinate and reminisce. MyFirstTweet is a giant database of each user’s first tweet so you can search for your username and see the first message you sent to the Twittersphere. Don’t blame us if it makes you cringe though!