7 Mistakes You’re Making on Twitter

7 Mistakes You’re Making on Twitter

If you have a blog, chances are you’re using Twitter to further promote your brand (and if you’re not you really should be). Used in the right way it can be a valuable tool for driving traffic to your blog and getting your content seen and shared by a much wider audience, but used wrongly it can be detrimental to your success. Here we’ve identified seven mistakes you might be making on social media and show you how you can fix them.

Using auto-DMs

Sure we all want people to see as much of our content as possible, but if you’re spamming new followers with a DM including your Facebook page, blog link and other social media chances are they’ll just want to unfollow you rather than click through. It’s just plain annoying! Instead, schedule a few engaging tweets throughout the day with links to your other social media and the clicks will come.

Using too many hashtags

Hashtags are a vital tool for getting your tweets seen by others users within your niche, but don’t go overboard! Too many hashtags not only makes you look like a spammer, it makes the tweet difficult to read too. Try and stick to a maximum of three hashtags per post and, if you want to reach out to more topics, use them in a separate post.

Your Tweets aren’t varied enough

Nothing makes a user want to unfollow your account more than seeing the same tweet over and over again. It’s fine to tweet links to the same blog post or campaign over and over, but keep the wording varied so that your followers don’t get bored.

Not responding to @mentions

It’s just rude! If you’re a brand chances are the customer will align this with poor service and, if you’re a blogger, readers will be less inclined to read and share your content if they see you’re not interacting with your following.

Your content is boring

People only follow you for two reasons – to be informed or entertained. Posting boring mundane updates throughout the day is a sure-fire way to get people to unfollow you. Nobody needs or wants to know that you’re eating cornflakes for breakfast again. Instead, give your followers something that is of value to them. As well as links to your website, retweet interesting articles from other users and share articles you’ve enjoyed from other sites within your niche.

You’re over-tweeting

While you want to make sure that you’re posting frequently to bolster your online presence, it’s important not to overdo it. There’s no rule as to how frequently you should be posting, but it’s vital not to post too much in rapid succession or overwhelm your followers with too many retweets. Check your analytics to gauge what kind of tweets are most popular and what time of the day they get the most engagement then try to update within those time frames.

You don’t spellcheck

Spelling and grammar mistakes not only look unprofessional, but reduce the shareability of your content. Take an extra few seconds to proof before you update.